Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Our fully integrated interest only mortgage calculator helps you work out what you are going to pay each month on your interest-only loan. Your interest-only mortgage can have fixed or variable rates. This calculator enables you to determine your repayments whether you have fluctuating rate loan or fixed one.

The loan calculator helps you achieve several objectives:

  • Do simplified calculations on repayments for both before and after the interest-only periods.
  • Find out total cost of the mortgage.
  • Compare the difference in payments in an interest-only loan with a principle and interest loan.
  • Work out ways to adjust loan term and repayment to save on interest charges and assess your expenses accordingly.
  • You can also calculate your total interest on an existing loan and figure out a suitable repayment schedule.
  • Plan a mortgage reduction plan to be able pay the loan much easier.

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